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Study Programmes for International Students in the Academic Year 2018/19

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering offers also Bachelor studies taught in English for international students.

The Bachelor programme is:

  • Applied Mechanics and Mechatronics
  • Measurement and Quality Management in Mechanical Engineering

The Master study programmes are:

  • Applied Mechanics and Mechatronics 
  • Production Systems and Quality Managment with study branch: Automotive Production

Brief Description

Bachelor’s and Master’s Study Programme 


Applied Mechanics and Mechatronics

If you choose to study in the fields of Applied Mechanics and Mechatronics, your career will combine the most interesting and important elements of mechanical, electronic and information engineering into a highly skilled and professional opportunity. If you think that studying mechanical engineering is just about gears and mechanisms, think again! Today Applied Mechanics and Mechatronics utilizes state of the art software mechanics, intelligent and advanced material solutions, sophisticated sensor systems, innovative application of neuron networks, advanced automation and many more interesting and exciting opportunities which are very valuable in the commercial and industrial sectors. If you find machines fascinating, and are interested in the cutting edge of technology, then Applied Mechanics and Mechatronics is the right way for you!


Measurement and Quality Management in Mechanical Engineering

A graduate will obtain the bachelor degree of university education in the field of measurement, manufacturing technologies and quality management giving priority to mechanical engineering, automotive industry, and power engineering. She/he will gain knowledge of the advanced measurement methods and information technology, metrology, quality and production management. She/he will understand the techniques for implementing the standards of a quality management, and the application of the advanced methods and tools for the quality assurance and continuous improvement of the engineering companies. She/he will be preparing for an independent as well as a team approach to the task solution in the field of metrology, quality management, and the design of measurements. A graduate will be capable of either studying the master degree in the fields of measurement, the production quality, or related study programmes, or entering the job market immediately.


Master’s Study Programme 

Production Systems and Quality Managment with study branch: Automotive Production

Graduates of this programme have a thorough knowledge of mechanical engineering and its application in the automotive industry. 
Slovakia is a major automobile producer with a 150-year tradition of mechanical engineering, enabling us to base the course content on the proven needs of this industry. 
The focus of the course is the acquisition of in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing process in the automotive industry. Areas covered include production technologies, quality management (TQM), management and organization of production, logistics, montage and maintenance, life cycle management and recycling . Also studied are specialized areas such as noise, testing, statistical methods and social aspects of the automotive industry. The second part is focused on a product itself (a vehicle) - CAD, applied car mechanics and elasticity, mechanical and hydraulic parts, construction materials. Professional experience in the industry is part of the study. 
Graduates of this study programme are much sought-after, not only in the job market of the automotive industry but also in many other engineering production fields.

Experiences in relevant production companies and useful complementary subjects such as foreign languages, physical education and sport, and modern management complete this very popular study programme.

These will be entirely delivered in English language in the academic year 2018/2019, subject to a minimum number of 10 admitted and registered students.


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